What you get when you place an order

What you get

Why we do what we do

We don’t just make Rubber Wristband Bracelets. We create a product you can give away at your Event or Fundraising project with pride. What you get when you place an order is a Quality Wristband that delivers your message you want to give to your audience. 

At WristbandMonkey, we love manufacturing quality elastic wristbands so you can make your event colorful and memorable with ease.

Our elastic bands are custom made for you and your business and they carry the message you want to give to your customers in style. Click the button below to place and order and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Why Wristband MonkeyTM ?

Gentle on Your Skin Our bands are tested on every skin type.

Print Doesn’t Fade Away The special ink we use stays on your band for longer. It is also water proof.

Made Out of Silicone Rubber We use the same rubber as what is used for creating baby pacifiers.

Lowest Prices, Highest Quality We have the lowest prices and highest quality.

7 Day Delivery* * We have a 7 day express program for $149. Let us know if you need the order on express.

Free Shipping Australia Wide The special ink stays on your band for longer.

Custom designed for your needs You have the freedom to select any band colour and text colour and also include your logo

Free Band Artwork We use the same rubber used for creating baby nipples.

217 amazing fonts to choose from or BYO

200 unique
fonts to
choose from

Digital Band Artwork

Band Artwork

Shipping Australia Wide

Australia Wide

Order your bands now and
get it by 30th of December 2018*


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100% Australian Owned. Shop with confidence.

How to select Pantone colours

1. Look for the Pantone number from the chart below
2. Write it down in the comments section when submitting the Quote request
3. Describe how you want us to use the colour