Vip Lanyards

When you need to instantly and easily identify VIP personnel, the specially printed VIP lanyards available from Wristband Monkey are the simple, high quality, and affordable solution for you. Made from high tech webbing, our lanyards are practically indestructible, and won’t tear or fade with normal use.

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The point of VIP lanyards is to help your staff identify people who should be given extra priority or a higher level of security. VIP pass holders are normally identified by lanyard colour, as this provides an instant visual cue, without the need to manually inspect the pass until the moment of entry to a restricted area.

This simplifies the task for greeters, customer service reps, and security staff. Wristband Monkey lanyards are available in a huge range of colours and can be printed with your choice of text and images.

Permanent printing VIP lanyards

Printing is permanent and next to impossible to remove, even when chemical agents are used to deliberately attempt to remove the printing.

The strong webbing used to create the lanyard is also very difficult to cut through, so it would be difficult for somebody to steal the lanyard from the legitimate owner while it is being worn.

For an additional measure of security, we recommend printing some cryptic string of characters or symbols somewhere discretely on the lanyard body, to make it more easy to detect a counterfeit lanyard. This is purely optional, but it is not beyond the bounds of credibility that somebody with awareness of the lanyard style used by your organization could attempt to copy it.

Good security always involves multiple points of identity verification. If you rely on only one component for security, you make it easier to circumvent your security.

High quality VIP lanyards online

Your lanyards should be at least one layer in your multilayer security plan, and if you can actually incorporate additional authentication points into your lanyard design, so much the better. You can never be too careful when it comes to security.

When VIP clients or visitors are aware of your dedication to providing good security, they will feel reassurance. Your staff will also be prepared to provide a better customer service experience.

It is important not to buy just any lanyards. When you are buying lanyards, especially if they are for VIP use, then you should avoid buying cheap low quality lanyards. Actually there is no need to buy cheap low quality lanyards because Wristband Monkey sells cheap high quality VIP lanyards online.

The difference is that those low quality lanyards you might find offered by other suppliers could quickly look worn out, with frayed fabric and faded printing. It’s a terrible image to project, and it must be remembered that first impressions are the most important ones.

Wristband Monkey is Australia’s best wristband supplier. We specialise in custom printed wristbands with a message, coloured wristbands,  VIP Lanyards, slap bands, security wristbands, event wristbands & more. Order yours today!

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