Silicone Hand Bands

When it comes to raising awareness about a cause which is important to you or making other members of your community aware about your school, small business or upcoming event, wearing a silicone hand band is always a great idea. Because they’re usually colourful and easy to notice, and because most people who wear them are doing so for a specific cause or reason, they serve as great talking points and conversation starters.

So regardless of whether you’re running a small, local business trying to increase its presence in the community, whether you’re trying to raise awareness about a local festival where your band is due to play, or whether you’re looking for ways to increase the number of people who turn up to your upcoming school fair, purchasing a batch of silicone hand bands and giving them out to your customers, fans or students is a great place to start.

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As they go about their day to day lives, the bands they’re wearing will be bound to catch the eyes of the people they come into contact with – and some may even take the time to ask where they come from and what they represent. Even those who don’t directly ask will nonetheless be exposed to the name, logo and tagline of your company, school or band, and may very well choose to look you up online at a later date.

The Very Best Silicone Hand Bands Australia Has to Offer

If you’re considering investing in silicone hand bands for your company, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Wristband Monkey, we’re renowned for the huge range of different colours and styles we offer our customers, and for our hugely popular, highly personalised approach.

Once you’ve chosen the colour that you prefer, simply let us know your requirements and preferences and send us a copy of your logo and any other marketing or advertising material you’d like to be included in the final design. A member of our team will work to create a unique design for you and, when you’re satisfied with the way it looks, we’ll send the design to our factory in Sri Lanka, where it’ll be printed, embedded or embossed onto top-quality material according to your specifications.

Next, your order will be sent to our premises here in Australia, and we’ll ship it swiftly to your front door with the Australia Express Post service. And because we’re committed to being the most affordable place to access quality silicone hand bands in Australia, we’re always proud to deliver orders completely free of charge, absolutely anywhere in the country.

The entire process usually takes between 10 and 12 days, but we’re happy to provide express options for those customers willing to pay a little extra. Whatever you decide, you can rest assured we’ll always put your needs and priorities at the heart of everything we do.

Simply place your order online today using our intuitive website and your new silicone hand bands will be on your doorstep in no time at all!

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