Personalized Glow Bracelets

When you really need to get attention, there are few things that can do it quite like the personalised glow bracelets from Wristband Monkey.

What makes these products different from normal wristbands is they glow in the dark, which is a feature everyone loves. These products are an especially good idea when your target demographic is children and teens. They’re also likely to prove a hit at dance parties, simply because they just look super awesome in that environment. + Read More

Multi-purpose personalised glow bracelets

As with many of our products, these bracelets can be used for multiple purposes. On the most fundamental level, they can be used as a security or revenue protection device, indicating instantly if somebody present within a certain area is somebody who is authorized to be there, has paid an admission fee, or whatever else may apply.

Another use is as a marketing device. Product based marketing, usually in the form of free gifts printed with a company logo or slogan, have proved to be highly effective marketing tools. Their long lifespan and potential collectability means people hang onto the items long after they have lost their novelty appeal.

Still another reason why people buy personalised glow bracelets online is because they want to resell them for a profit. Think about it… you could print any original message on a bracelet and sell it. Our low prices mean that if you buy bracelets in sufficient volume and sell at typical retail prices, you would make some pretty serious profit.

If you want to know more about any of these potential uses for personalised glow bracelets, simply contact our friendly sales staff on (03) 9558 8007 for prompt assistance. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

High quality silicone manufacturing material

Our personalised glow bracelets are made from high quality silicone impregnated with a safe non-toxic phosphorescent chemical compound. As with all our wristband products, these bracelets can be printed with any corporate message, logo, event name, or whatever else you wish.

There are plenty of options when you choose to buy your wristbands, bracelets and similar products from Wristband Monkey. We make all our products ourselves in our own factory, so you are always assured of the highest quality in materials and workmanship.

Easily affordable personalised glow bracelets

The prices offered by Wristband Monkey also make our items very attractively priced, especially for resellers. With volume prices at as low as $0.30 each for glow bracelets, and average retail between $3 and $4, you don’t have to be a genius to work out there’s serious profit to be made for resellers who know how to reach the market.

The quality of these products means they’re always readily accepted as gifts, so marketing teams have an easy way to promote their message.

Our glow bracelets are also ideal for nightclub venues, bars, concerts, or anywhere else that it can be necessary to quickly identify paying customers or authorized personnel in a darkened environment.

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