Personalized Bracelets

Personalized Bracelets

Wristband Monkey makes Australia’s best wristband products, including personalized bracelets. Here is a short list of just a few of the things you could do with a personalized bracelet from Wristband Monkey:

  • Promote a product or brand
  • Spread a message
  • Provide instant visual identification of people who have paid to attend an event or who are authorized to be within a certain area.

Personalized bracelets are our specialty. We offer a wide range of colours and styles, and you even have a choice of materials.

Our best selling products are silicone wristbands. These super strong, durable, attractive, flexible wristbands are the best choice when you want a wristband that is reusable and will last a lifetime (or two). + Read More

Quality Silicone Manufacturing Material

Made from high-quality silicone, and manufactured in our own factory for total quality assurance, the silicone wristbands we produce can be printed with your message, logo, slogan, or brand name. Any combination of letters, numbers, symbols, or images can be used.

There are over 1000 different colour choices, as well as black, white, or phosphorescent glow bracelets.

The great strength and flexibility of these products, plus their attractive looks, makes these a crowd favourite.

On the other hand when you need to strictly ensure bracelets are not reused and can’t be transferred from one person to another, vinyl bracelets may be a better option.

Temporary use Personalized Paper Bracelets

The vinyl bracelets we make are designed for single use, and while they’re not quite as fancy as our flagship silicone products, they still look good and are available in just as many colours and with all the same printing options.

A bonus feature with vinyl bracelets is they can be designed with snap-off tabs which can be used as admittance tokens, meal vouchers, drink vouchers, etc.

Just like the wristband body, the tabs on our vinyl bracelets can be printed with custom images or text.

Finally, there is the budget option of paper wristbands. These are intended for the most temporary use. Their most attractive feature is the price, which is well below the already low cost of our vinyl and silicone wristbands.

They’re most suitable for checking that somebody has paid the admission fee to enter an area. Paper wristbands are intended for single use and are not transferable.

Order your Personalized Bracelets Online

Getting your personalized bracelet online from Wristband Monkey is simple. First, you can either create your own wristband design or let our graphic designers create a design for you (only the design you approve will be used to create your wristbands).

After the design is approved, we begin the process of creating the wristbands for you. All products are made in our own factory to ensure the highest standards in quality and safety.

When you products are ready, they will be shipped direct to your door. Within Australia, this will take approximately 10 to 12 days after your order is confirmed. If you really need your wristbands in a hurry, you can pay a small extra fee for rush shipping of your products.

The Benefits of Personalised Bracelets

All across Australia and the wider world, more and more people are coming to realise the benefits of investing in personalized bracelets. Regardless of whether you run a small, independent business, a school, or whether you’re simply involved in raising awareness for a particular cause which is close to your heart, personalized bracelets and other custom products are some of the most powerful ways to spread your message throughout your community.

And it isn’t just raising awareness and growing your brand that customised bracelets can be used for. They’re also great for use at large events when you need to quickly and easily identify different groups of guests, or separate visitors from staff. Using different colours or slightly different styles to distinguish different groups of people, you’ll be able to effortlessly and affordably enhance the logistics of your event or workplace.

And if you choose to invest in bracelets fitted with LED lights or speakers, you’ll easily be able to communicate with large groups of people when it’s time for them to head to a certain place or perform a particular action.

Or, if you’re considering using bracelets at a school you work in, they’ll allow you to make your class activities more colourful, fun and interactive – ensuring they’re both effective and memorable.

Why to Choose Wristband Monkey for Personalized Bracelets

If you’ve decided that you’d like to invest in personalized bracelets for any of the above reasons or for any other reasons whatsoever, you’ll be pleased to discover that it’s easy to access a huge range of top quality personalized bracelets online.

Here at Wristband Monkey, we’ve built a strong reputation for being one of the very best places to buy customised bracelets in Australia, and we’ve worked with clients including large, national companies, small, family businesses and even state governments – so you can rest assured that we’ll be able to come up with a solution that’s suitable for your needs and preferences!

Simply choose the style and colour that you prefer before sending us a copy of your logo, as well as any other information and/or advertising and marketing materials that you’d like to be included on the finished product. Our team will be able to incorporate all of your requirements into the design and send it to you for review and amendment before starting the manufacturing process.

It’s this commitment to providing a fully bespoke, customised service, combined with our use of top quality materials and our passion for keeping prices as affordable as we possibly can, that makes us one of the nation’s leading suppliers of bracelets, lanyards, keyrings and other customisable products.

And because the entire process of ordering and customising your new bracelets can be done online at the touch of a few buttons and from the comfort of your own home or office, you can be sure that with Wristband Monkey, it’s never been easier or more affordable to access the quality, professional customised bracelets that you’re after.

Wristband Monkey is Australia’s best wristband supplier. We specialise in custom printed wristbands with a message, coloured wristbands,  VIP Lanyards, Festival Wristbands, slap bands, security wristbands, event wristbands & more. Order yours today!

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We used Wristband Monkey for an urgent wristband print and delivery. We were running to a strict deadline and Udi was great and made sure the wrist bands were delivered on time. They also look great. Thanks again Wristband Monkeyread more
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Can't recommend highly enough. Udi was incredibly patient as we sorted out the design and as promised, the wristbands arrived in good time. When we received them, they were everything we'd been hoping for. Thanks so much.
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