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How do these Interactive LED Wristbands work?

These are Interactive LED Wristbands. That means, you have the ability to control your bands with a Remote Controller we supply. Our remote supports 8 segments. That means, your Wristbands can be broken into 8 categories and control each category separately if needed. Programming the bands into different categories will be done by our engineers. The controlling can be done by you.

Each band supports upto 15 colours. You can change the colour of each segment and control its flashing speed. There are 3 flashing speeds, slow flashing, fast flashing and 2X fast flashing and steady light. See the photos of the remote below.

Here are some ways our clients use these LED Bracelets

  1. Highlight a winner
    1. We program the special band into one category. By pressing the category button on the remote, you can light up that single LED Wristband
  2. Highlight different parts in your audience
    1. Let’s say you have a Carol and want to highlight different parts in your audience at different times. We can break down the audience into 8 categories and light them up separately using the remote.
  3. Get your audience to take an action
    1. Let’s say you have an exhibition and you want your audience to return to the stand at a given time. Easily press a button and select that particular segment and all the bands will start flashing and your visitors know they have to return to stand.

The possibilities are endless. If there is an event, there’s a way these remote controlled bands can be used. If you don’t need a remote, you might like our Just Music Activated LED Wristbands. They just flash for background noise and motion. Let us know if you are interested in these.

How long does it take to produce?

Standard production time is 3 weeks from payment. If you need them sooner please let us know.

Are these DMX Supported?

Yes. Our OPTIC bands are DMX Supported. See the video below to get an idea.


DMX Controllable Wrist band

Can I change the colours of the Wristbands?

Absolutely. Each band supports 15 colours. Standard rainbow colours and lighter shades of each colour. The remote has a button for each colour. All you have to do is select the band segment (See above question), and press the colour button. The flashing speed and colour can be controlled as well.


How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for 6-8 hours straight. The batteries are easily replaceable and the band is reusable as well.

How much are they?

Please see the price guides below. We have two types of LED Wristbands.

NANO LED Wristband


Price Price $3 – $5 per band depending on quantity. Get a Quote by filling the quote form below.


OPTIC LED Wristband


Price Price $4 – $6 per band depending on quantity. Get a Quote by filling the quote form below.

How does the programming and the remote work?

See the first question as well. The remote supports 8 segments. That means, your bands can be categorised into 8 categories with our standard package. If you need more segments please let us know. Programming the bands into different categories are done by our engineers. See the picture below. The top row of buttons (A-H) are the category buttons. Let’s say you have 1000 wristbands and want to break them into 5 categories. For this scenario We’ll program 200 bands into each category (A-E categories). If you want 100 in one category and all the rest in another category that can be done as well. Once we program them, you can simply press the category letter which is A-E, and a colour from the remote and all the bands in that category will light up. You can light up multiple categories at the same time as well.



Is this Sound Activated as well?

Yes. All you have to do is connect the Remote to a computer and the bands will start flashing in sync with the music.

Remote Controlled LED Sound Activated from Wristband Monkey on Vimeo.

Can we control and swap the colour halfway through?

Yes. See the ansewrs above.

Do you have a cheaper option?

Yes. You might like our Music Activated LED Wristbands. These are not controllable via a remote, but they flash when there’s background music and/or motion. Our clients who run musical events, carols, corporate events and weddings buy these to light up their nights. They can be branded as well.

See this video to see how they work. They are $2.50 – $3.50 per band depending on quantity. If you like to order these click herehttps://wristbandmonkey.com.au/order-now/led-wristband/

Sound Activated LED Wristband Bracelets from Wristband Monkey on Vimeo.

"Remote Controlled LED Wristbands was the
highlight of our event.
Thanks to Wristband Monkey
for the job well done!"

Wristband Monkey Rachel Holmes, NSW
LED Bracelets


The Benefits

15 Colours
Adrenaline Pump

Humans love flashy things. Bright colours & lights excite us. These Interactive LED Wristbands will get your audience pumped.

Control via Remote
Generate BUZZ

That's what our clients say. LED bands generate buzz and makes the audience want to share pictures on Social medias.

Control via Computer
Smart Marketing

These bands are a great souvenir and they'll be around for a long time. Brand them with your Company logo.

15 Colours
Engaged Crowd

Get your Crowd Excited and Engaged. Let them have something to talk about during and after the event.

Controllable LED Bracelets

How do these work

Make your event extra special, memorable and colourful with LED Remote Controlled Bracelets. All you have to do is give away the flashing wrist bands before your event and let the magic happen. All the wristbands can be controlled via the remote we provide or simply connect them to your DMX Controller.
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Remote Controlled LED Wristbands. What are they?

Our remote-controlled LED wristbands are the latest craze for festivals, parties, business events, fundraising efforts and all types of special occasions. These flashing LED bracelets are available in a Adult and Child sizes and they will make your event a memorable one for your attendees. A remote controlled bracelet lights up to display multiple colours when controlled via a remote. Each flashing LED bracelet can be made to light up, flash and flicker to different modes by the press of a button.

Each LED wristband can also be connected to a computer to automatically convert it into a sound activated LED bracelet. When the computer plays music, the sound activated LED strip on the wristband flashes in sync with the music.

These LED bracelets are battery-powered and they also include a power button to conserve battery life. The remote control is also powered by batteries.

Use of a Remote-Controlled LED Bracelet

Remote-controlled LED bracelets are a fun product and they are perfect for use in events and special occasions. These LED custom wrist bands are commonly used as a disco LED bracelet or as crowd LED wristbands in nightclubs and night events.

These bracelets can transform any party, event or special occasion into a fun, memorable occasion. With a remote-controlled LED bracelet, you can let your wrist do all the talking while you have a great time.

Why buy LED Bracelets from Wristband Monkey

Wristband Monkey is the leading supplier of superior grade Cusotm LED wristbands across Australia. Our LED bracelets are custom designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. And, we sell our products at incredibly competitive prices

At Wristband Monkey, we’re all about offering top quality products and exceptional customer service. We’re proud to be associated with big names such as Bunnings, Victorian Gov, New South Wales Gov, Crime Stoppers QLD, Little Kickers and Herbalife Nutrition, among many others. When it comes to finding the best LED custom wrist bands in Australia, look no further.

Our LED wristbands Melbourne office is located in Burwood so you know we are just a phone call away.

Why shop with us?

Quality Guaranteed

When you shop with us, you always get a wristband that is made to the highest quality and, despite using the best materials available, all of our flashing wristbands are sold at the most affordable prices on the market.

Our flashing bracelets are made with the very same high-quality irritation resistant rubber that our regular wristbands are made with and they can customised with waterproof and fade resistant ink.

Easy Ordering

We make it super easy to order your wristbands online via our convenient ordering system. In fact, all you have to do is choose your preferred bracelet, tell us how many you need, place your order through our website, and then set back and relax.

Our engineers will do the rest so that when the LED wristbands get to your door they will already be designed and programmed to your exact specifications.

Lots of Options to Choose from

Whether you want to control your bracelet via your computer, or you want remote controlled LED light bracelets, we have exactly what you are looking for. We have tons of options when it comes to choosing how to control your bracelet, what it will look like, and even what it will do at your event.

Do you want your bracelets to blink to the rhythm of a song? No problem. Just download our software and watch it happen. Do you want to section your guests or audience into different groups? That’s also no problem. Choose from up to eight categories of lights to ensure that sectioning off your event is a breeze.

Can be used for all Kinds of Events

Our flashing wristbands can be used to make all kinds of events run smoothly. So whether you’re organising a party, a corporate function, a school event or you’re looking for a way to control the crowd at an upcoming disco or a musical festival, you’ll find something that’s suitable here at Wristband Monkey.

How to Place an Order

Our ordering process is extremely simple and straightforward. You can order your remote-controlled LED wristband from Wristband Monkey in 6 easy steps, which include:

  1. Request a quote
  2. Your quote request will be reviewed and confirmed by our team
  3. We will provide you a mockup of the band
  4. You review the order and make the payment
  5. Your custom wristbands are manufactured and tested
  6. Your bands are shipped

How long does it take

For LED Flashing bracelets we usually require 3-4 weeks for produciton, branding with your logo and testing. So plan ahead.

Order Your Remote-Controlled LED Wristbands Today!

So, go ahead and order your custom remote-controlled LED wristbands from Australia’s best wristband supplier – Wristband Monkey today!

In case you have any questions about our remote-controlled LED wristbands, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our helpful support team will be more than happy to address your queries. You can reach our support team by calling us at 03 9558 8007 or by dropping an email at [email protected]

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wristband monkey
1. Select a Bracelet

We have 2 types of LED bracelets. Tell us more about your event and we'll help you decide.

wristband monkey
2. We program them

Our engineers will program the bands as per your event requirements and specifications.

wristband monkey
3. Give them away

Give the bands away before the event. The bands can be Branded or Unbranded.

wristband monkey
4. Light up the night

Light up the bands and surprise the audience by a press of a button. The battery lasts for 6 - 8 hours.

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How to select Pantone colours

1. Look for the Pantone number from the chart below
2. Put it down in the comments field and describe how you want us to use the colour