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How the Magic Calculator works

Let us know how much money you have in hand and we’ll show you know how many Wristbands you can purchase for that price and more importantly how much money you can raise. Enter the amount and click SHOW ME to see the magic happen.

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IMPORTANT : We gathered these selling prices by talking to 50 of our clients. The average selling price of a wristband ranges form $3 - $5 in Australia. The most popular band for fundraising is the Printed bands as they are cheaper compared to the Engraved ink filled bands. if you want to try a different amount, enter it above and click “SHOW ME”.

You can go 2 ways from here.

Printed Wristbands

Engraved Ink Filled Wristbands

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How to select Pantone colours

1. Look for the Pantone number from the chart below
2. Put it down in the comments field and describe how you want us to use the colour