LED Remote Control Sydney

Want to make a real impression at your next Sydney night event? There’s an easy way with special wristbands activated by LED remote control from Sydney wristband supplier, Wristband Monkey.

Our business is leading the way with a first of a kind remote control LED in Sydney, so you can add an extra dimension to your event almost effortlessly. + Read More

Here’s how our LED remote control works:

Step 1: Order your wristbands from Wristband Monkey using our easy online ordering form.

Step 2: We’ll manufacture the wristbands for you, printing them with your message, slogan, logo, or anything else you want. We’ll install concealed LEDs inside with a battery.

Step 3: We will program the LED to perform the way you’d like them to perform when activated.

Step 4: We’ll send the fully manufactured and programmed wristbands to you, and also a remote control unit.

Step 5: Distribute the wristbands to your event attendees (advisable to make wearing the wristband a condition of entry.

Step 6: At the point during the event where you want to surprise everyone with super awesomeness, press the button on the remote control to activate those wristband LEDs and light up the night with pulsing glowy goodness.

Safe for everyone’s use

These wristbands are safe for adults and children over the age of 4. Younger children and pets should not have unsupervised access to the wristbands due to the possibility of swallowing the batteries and LEDs. The silicone in the wrist bands is non-toxic but also not particularly chewable, and thus poses a potential choking hazard for pets.

LED wristbands will make your event especially memorable, and the internal batteries are good for around 6 hours of continuous use once activated by the remote control.

All Wristband Monkey products are made in our own exclusive Wristband Monkey factory, so we can provide total quality assurance and warrant the safety and suitability of our products for their intended use.

Choose remote controlled LED wristbands for any event where you need to make a really strong impression and amp up the wow factor. These wristbands never fail to achieve that aim, because they add so much to the atmosphere of the event and raise people’s enjoyment.

Order your LED remote control wristbands online

Ordering your wristbands is easy with our simple online form. You can also call our office or email us if you have any questions or would like to place your order in person.

Remember it does take some time to manufacture, print, and program your wristbands in our factory. Most customers will receive their products within 10 to 12 days after ordering, however you can also request rush shipping for a small extra fee.

Wristband Monkey makes Australia’s best wristband, keyring, and lanyard products. Order yours today and find out for yourself why so many organizations around Australia trust Wristband Monkey as their number one supplier of these products.

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