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Product Questions

Can I have multiple colours in a single order?

Yes you can. You can have up to 10 colours in a single order. 

How do LED Wristbands work

Simple. Just turn up the music and the bands flash in sync with the music. They are just amazing. Did you see the video on this page? If not check it out. Call us if you have questions 03 9558 8007

How much are these Music Activated LED Wristbands

We have 2 types of LED Bands. Fiboptic and Nano. Fiboptic bands start from $3.29+gst per band and Nano Bracelets start from $2.99+gst. The price gets cheaper for higher quantities so it’s best to give us a call on 03 9558 8007 or email [email protected] for latest prices.

How much are these?

Price depends on the number of bands you order and the band type. Please refer to the price guide below. 

What’s Debossed & Embossed?

Debossed Ink Filled

Debossed means we 'engrave' your message and logo into the band. With Debossed + Ink Filled bands we engrave and also fill your message with ink so it lasts longer. This method heps the bands stand out well and it also adds more value. If you are planing to do a fundraising event choosing Debossed Ink Filled bands can add another $1 or $2 to your selling price. Our client's say debossed ink filled bands last 4 times longer than standard printed bands because its engraved. Below is a handband we did for Herbalife few months ago.

Debossed Ink Filled Bracelets

Embossed Printed

Embossed printed bands are another popular style. Similar to Debossed bands we embosse the message and print on top of it. We have the ability to emboss logos and text. Here is an Embossed Wristband we did for St.Therese Torquay, VIC.

Raised Silicone Bracelets


Printed bands are the cheapest. With printed bands we simply print your message and logo on the band. Does it last long? Yes it does last for few months, but not as long as Debossed ink filled bands. Here's a printed band we did for Footprints, QLD.

Printed Handbands

Glow in the Dark 

With Glow in the dark bands what we do is we add Phosphorescent chemical to the bands. This makes the bands glow in the dark after exposing them to sunlight or a normal light for couple of hours prior. We can make any of the above bands glow by adding this chemical to them. So this is a nice option to have if you are having a night party or an event.

Glow in the dark Bracelets



What’s the size of these bands?

We have 3 sizes. Adult 202mm, Youth 180mm and Toddler 150mm. You can have your bands in multiple sizes. For an example if you are after 200 bands in Adult size and 300 in Youth that's possible. There will be an additional charge of $49 per additional size as we have to create an additional mould for the extra sizes.  

Shipping Questions

How much is it for Shipping?

We offer FREE shipping Australia wide. We use Australia Post Express delivery for our orders.  

Super Urgent Orders and Express Delivery

Having our own Wristband and Lanyard manufacturing factory gives us the competitive advantage and the ability to make and ship wristbands faster than any other company in Australia. We can make and ship your Custom Silicone Wristbands in just 7 working days on Express and Lanyards, Key rings and LED Bracelets in 15 working days.

Our Standard delivery is usually double the time but if you need them urgently we can deliver the products as mentioned above. Our express fee is $149+gst for upto 5000 units. This fee goes toward DHL Next Day Guaranteed Delivery. We understand this is a hefty fee but Priority courier companies charge this fee for guaranteed delivery.

What happens when I place the order?

Once you place an order, we will review and get back to you if we have any questions. If not we will send the order to our Graphic Design team to create your custom Artwork design. Once the artwork is ready we will send it straight to you to review. You then review and request changes required. There's no limit to the number of changes you can request. This service is 100% free and has no fees attached to it. Once you are happy with the artwork we send you the invoice to pay. You can pay by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Once we receive the payment we send the order to our factory for production. 

When will I receive the bands?

We usually take 10-12 business days to produce the bands and deliver them to your doorstep. We use Australia Post Express for our orders with next business day delivery. We also have an Express 7 day service for Urgent orders. It costs $149 extra as we will use DHL Express service from our factory to us and from us to you.  

Payment Qustions

Can I pay after I receive the Wristbands?

Unless you are an Australian School, we need the payment before we send the order to production. Saying that, you still can request a FREE Wristband Mockup or place an enquiry using the Order Form below. 

How can I pay?

We will send you the invoice once you confirm the Band Artwork design. We accept Credit Card payments and Bank Transfers. Once we send you the invoice you can pay by Credit Card through our billing system. All the instructions will be there on the invoice. If you are a School and paying by Credit Card is not an option you can send us a Cheque in mail.

We are a School and we don’t have a Credit Card

Schools can pay by Invoice. Once you raise a PO and give us the reference number we can start the order.