Event Party Wristbands


Event & Party Wristbands

Make your party that bit more exclusive by giving your guests party wristbands to gain entry to the event. Our high-quality rubber event wristbands can be customised with whatever text you would like to see on them including the name of your event, the date or even a particular celebratory message. For festivals, these custom event wristbands have proven very popular with festivalgoers all over the country. + Read More

Custom Party Wristbands

Our silicon rubber bracelets will last long after the memories of the music, fun and laughter have subsided. Some festivalgoers collect their festival wristbands so who knows; maybe your event wristband will become a collector’s item in years to come!

Whether you are hosting a sweet 16th, an 18th or a 21st birthday party, giving your guests a custom party wristband will add a sense of exclusivity to your event.

Whatever the celebration, you can personalise our wristbands with your child’s name, date of the party and a special thank you message. As you can see from just these few ideas, our wristbands really are the perfect solution when it comes to quality wristbands for parties and events.

Wristbands For Events

We have four different types:

  • Debossed ink filled wristbands
  • Embossed wristbands
  • Printed wristbands
  • Glow in the dark wristbands

Embossed Festival Wristbands

Debossed ink filled wristbands are wristbands that we produce by engraving your text into the rubber wristband and filling it with ink.

Embossed wristbands are produced by embossing your text onto the rubber wristband and printing on top of it.

With printed wristbands, we simply print your text directly onto the wristband.

Glow in the dark wristbands have a phosphorescent chemical added to the wristband, which allows it to glow in the dark. These give an extra special effect to any nighttime event or celebration.

Affordable Party & Festival Wristbands for any Event

For event wristbands, cheap and quality is the combination you need. Our wristbands are very cost-effective with custom rubber wristbands starting at just $0.27 each.

We do offer free shipping to anywhere in Australia so for a very reasonable expense, you can make an order for high quality silicon custom designed wristbands and have them delivered straight to your door.

Placing an order is easy – simply click on the ‘Order’ page of our website and submit the details of your order which we will review and approve and send on to our design team as quickly as possible.

Once the artwork is finalised, we will send your order to manufacturing where it will be completed within 10-12 business days.

Order Your Event Wristbands Today!

For more information or to speak to a member of our team, call us today on 03 9558 8007 or drop us an email at hello@wristbandmonkey.com.au.

Wristband Monkey is Australia’s best wristband supplier. We specialise in custom printed wristbands with a message, coloured wristbands and festival, party & event wristbands. Order yours today! – Read Less

Debossed Ink Filled Bands from $0.30/band

Debossed means we ‘engrave’ your message and logo into the band. With Debossed + Ink Filled bands we engrave and also fill your message with ink so it lasts longer. This method heps the bands stand out well and it also adds more value. If you are planing to do a fundraising event choosing Debossed Ink Filled bands can add another $1 or $2 to your selling price. Our client’s say debossed ink filled bands last 4 times longer than standard printed bands because its engraved. Below is a wrist band we did for Herbalife few months ago.

Debossed Ink Filled


Embossed Printed Bands from $0.30/band

Embossed printed bands are another popular style. Similar to Debossed bands we embosse the message and print on top of it. We have the ability to emboss logos and text. Here is an Embossed Wristband we did for St.Therese Torquay, VIC.

Embossed Printed Bands


Printed Bands from $0.27/band

Printed bands are the cheapest. With printed bands we simply print your message and logo on the band. Does it last long? Yes it does last for few months, but not as long as Debossed ink filled bands. Here’s a printed band we did for Footprints, QLD.

Printed wrist bands


Glow in the Dark Bands from $0.30/band

With Glow in the dark bands what we do is we add Phosphorescent chemical to the bands. This makes the bands glow in the dark after exposing them to sunlight or a normal light for couple of hours prior. We can make any of the above bands glow by adding this chemical to them. So this is a nice option to have if you are having a night party or an event.



Sound Activated LED Wristbands from $3.99/band

Got a Disco or a Night party? This is what you need. These LED wristbands blink in tune with background music you are playing. So if you are at a party these bands blink in tune with the songs DJ is playing. Isnt that amazing? These bands come with a battery installed and all you have to do is wear it and switch it on and see the magic happen. These bands come in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and white.


Tyvek Wristbands from $0.10/band

Tyvek wristbands, also known as Security Wristbands are great for parties or private functions. These are made in tough paper that’s durable and extremely strong. These bands can be worn only once. These bands come in plain colours with black print and also in full colour designs in full colour prints. Click below to order.

Tyvek Wristbands


Vinyl Wristbands from $0.15/band

Vinyl wristbands, also known as Security Wristbands are great for water events, parties or private functions. These are made in tough plastic that’s durable and extremely strong. Similar to Tyvek Wristbands, these bands also can be worn only once. These bands come in plain colours with black print and also in full colour designs in full colour prints including Tabs for different use. Click below to order.

Vinyl Wristbands


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We used Wristband Monkey for an urgent wristband print and delivery. We were running to a strict deadline and Udi was great and made sure the wrist bands were delivered on time. They also look great. Thanks again Wristband Monkeyread more
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Can't recommend highly enough. Udi was incredibly patient as we sorted out the design and as promised, the wristbands arrived in good time. When we received them, they were everything we'd been hoping for. Thanks so much.
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