Help a friend with cancer by raising over $10,000

By WristbandMonkey

Dec 28, 2016

Help a friend with Cancer

I'll tell you the story of Natash and her little sister Rebecca who's fighting cancer. Natasha raised over $10,000 in 1 month and this is exactly what she did.

First of all, I’m truly sorry to hear about your friend or the family member who’s fighting cancer. I know how hard it is and I have seen the struggle. I wish him/her all the very best.

One of the biggest problems cancer patients face during their journey is the financial struggle.

Not being able to work and bring money home and the medical bills that pile up can put a lot of pressure on them and even more on their families. Wouldn’t it be great if you can jump in and help with some money? You actually CAN!

Tony Robbins once said "The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already successful." So you can model what Natasha did.

Last year we had over 200 charity fundraising clients who did the same and I’m going to show you everything they did so you can follow the same steps. The best part is, a large portion of our business is focused on helping people like you raise money for friends and family, so you can be assured we know what we are talking about.

Before writing this article I talked to over 50 of our clients who helped their loved ones with thousands of dollars. Some of them raised as much as $50,000 by fundraising and the feeling you get when you hand the money over to the friend is priceless.

So let's start

I’ll tell you the story of Natasha, one of our recent clients, and you can simply follow what she did in order to successfully raise a large sum of money for your loved one.

Natasha’s sister Rebecca was diagnosed with brain cancer. She wanted to raise money for her medical bills. This is what she did.

1. Facebook Page

First, she jumped on to Facebook and created a page for her little sister. She posted regular updates on how her sister was doing and asked all her friends and family to share the page and support. It didn’t take more than a couple of weeks for the page to get popular with about 300 followers.

Facebook page

2. Fundraising Campaign

Then, she started a fundraising campaign on MyCause online fundraising website. It’s easy and takes only few minutes to create a campaign. This worked very well and she was amazed by the number of Australians who supported her by donating. Within a month she was able to raise $3000.


3. Fundraising Bracelets

Even though she was slowly getting donations from MyCause she wanted to speed things up. So she asked around for easy fundraising ideas and a friend told her about us, Wristband Monkey. We help people like Natasha raise money with Silicone Wristbands. Trust me, silicone wristbands work like magic when it comes to fundraising and here's why.

Natasha wanted to get rubber bracelets with the cancer logo and “#Bec’s Fight” written on it. She wanted to raise $10,000 and her friend told her it’s not that hard with Wristbands. So she did the math. She knew she could sell a wristband for $3, therefore she needed 3,300 Wristbands to raise $10,000. For 3,300 printed wristbands it costs $1,551 including shipping. She knew that if everything went as planned she could turn that $1,551 to $10,000. Knowing there was no harm in trying, she took courage and ordered 3300 Wristbands.

Natasha was amazed by how easy and straightforward the ordering process was. I was the lucky sales person who served her and I made sure she got all her questions answered before placing the order. 🙂

Once the order was confirmed and paid for, she received the bands in 2.5 weeks. Natasha and Rebecca both loved the look of the Wristbands. Now that she had the wristbands, the next step was to start selling.

Bain Cancer Wristband

Cancer Wristband

Cancer Wristband

How to actually raise money with Cancer Wristbands.

  1. First, she posted pictures of the bands on her Facebook page. As soon as she posted the pictures, people started asking to purchase them. She managed to sell almost 1000 bands to her Facebook fans and friends within a month.

  2. Then she uploaded the bands to her MyCause page so people could make a donation and purchase a band at the same time. Natasha used standard Australian Post to send the bands to the donators where postage was around $0.50.

  3. She also put wristbands into boxes and left them at work for colleagues to buy. She managed to sell close to 200 bands through these fundraising boxes.

  4. She then asked her friends to leave Wristbands at their work place as well which helped her sell close to 500 bands.

Within a month she was able to sell all the wristbands and raise $10,000 as planned. At the beginning, raising $10,000 was just a dream for Natasha, but now she understands how possible it is and recently contacted me to place another order of 5000 bands.

You can do the same. Simply follow the steps and you'll get there. If you would like to order Wristbands please head to our order page to place an order ( or email me your questions [email protected]

If you know someone who will find this article useful, please use the share buttons below and show some love 🙂

Udi Ura
Founder, Wristband Monkey

Udi Ura

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Awesome service and Udi went above and beyond for my needs and wants. Much appreciated definitely recommend Udi and Wristband Monkey.
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The Sound syncing wristbands were simple and effective and went down a treat. Thanks!
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3 months ago
We used Wristband Monkey for an urgent wristband print and delivery. We were running to a strict deadline and Udi was great and made sure the wrist bands were delivered on time. They also look great. Thanks again Wristband Monkeyread more
Lauren Nelson
1 month ago
Can't recommend highly enough. Udi was incredibly patient as we sorted out the design and as promised, the wristbands arrived in good time. When we received them, they were everything we'd been hoping for. Thanks so much.
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