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Silicone Wristbands Australia

At Wristband Monkey, we produce a wide range of silicone wristbands in Australia that can be used in a wide range of different applications. Whether you are running an event, fundraising for an important cause or want to raise awareness about an issue, our custom rubber bracelets are the perfect solution. We produce four main types of rubber wristbands – debossed ink-filled bands, embossed printed bands, printed bands and glow in the dark silicone wristbands. Each of these bands is manufactured by us from start to finish so we have complete control over the quality of every band that we produce. Want to know more? Here’s some more information on each of the silicone wristbands that we produce. + Read More

Silicone Wristbands - Debossed Ink Filled Bracelets

These are, by far, our most popular wristband and for very good reason. With the debossed ink filled bracelet, your message, information or logo is engraved into the rubber wrist bracelets and then filled with ink.

This means that the ink lasts for much longer, can withstand more wear and tear and stands out on the person that’s wearing it.

 If you are fundraising, the debossed ink filled bracelets make for the ideal fundraising wristbands as their superior appearance means that you can charge an additional $1 or $2 dollars to the selling price, therefore maximising your fundraising efforts.

These bands are also super budget-friendly, starting at just $0.30 per bracelet.

Embossed Printed Custom Rubber Wristbands

The embossed printed wristbands are another very popular style of wristbands that are similar to the debossed version except that your message or information is embossed onto the silicon wrist band and then printed on top of it.

We have done many types of embossed printed custom silicon bracelets for different organisations, including their logos and text where required.

These customised wrist bands are also very cost-effective and begin from only $0.30 per bracelet.

Design Your Own Wristband

Our range of printed wristbands is our most cost-effective choice, starting at only $0.27 per bracelet. With these custom wristbands, you can choose what text you want and we will print it directly onto the rubber wristband.

While not as long-wearing as the debossed or embossed versions, you can still expect the printed custom silicone bracelets to last for a few months.

Glow in the Dark Bands

The glow in the dark bands are an innovative addition to our range of personalised wristbands. By adding a phosphorescent chemical to the bands during manufacturing and exposing them to normal light for a few hours, these glow wristbands have the ability to glow in the dark.

They are perfect if you are organising a night time event or party and will really ‘light it up’.

These wristbands are also very budget-friendly with prices beginning at just $0.30 per bracelet.

So why choose Wristband Monkey? We're Australia's best wristband suppliers

If you are looking to buy wristbands online and you’re not sure where to start, we can tell you that of all the wristband suppliers, we are the one company that can offer you quality products at affordable price points.

With our range of cool wristbands, we can ensure that your event stands out for all the right reasons. We give you the absolute freedom to design your silicone wristbands however you want and we can easily include your logo or brand if you wish.

Here are just a few reasons why choosing Wristband Monkey to produce and supply custom wristbands for you makes perfect sense:

  1. Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of every Australia wristband that leaves our store. At each step of the manufacturing, printing and packing stages, we ensure that our rigorous quality standards are met.

The print used on the wristbands doesn’t fade and is also waterproof. With Wristband Monkey, you get high quality custom wristbands from Australia each and every time.

  1. Cost effective

If you are looking for personalised silicone wristbands that won’t cost you a fortune, Wristband Monkey can help you out.

We keep our prices as low as possible and we don’t charge you any extra for your band artwork so that you can have cheap wristbands with compromising on quality.

  1. Shipping

We provide our customers with standard shipping for free across Australia, ensuring that your order is with you within 10 to 12 working days.

For deliveries that are needed in a hurry, we can organise for your order to process that bit faster so that you’ll have it delivered to your door within 7 to 8 working days at a cost of $149.

  1. Safe

When purchasing wristbands, you need to know that the custom rubber wristband that members of the public will be wearing is safe. Every customised wristband we produce is manufactured using silicone rubber, which is the same type of rubber that is used in baby pacifiers and bottle teats. Our bands have been tested on all different skin types and are 100% completely safe.

How do you make an order?

Ordering silicone wristbands custom designed by you is simple. You can place an order for wristbands online by heading to the ‘Order’ page on our website and submitting the details of the wristbands that you want.

If you have any questions, you can live chat with us using the chat service at the bottom of the screen. We review and confirm your order within approximately 20 minutes after which we will send it to our design team.

We will then send you an invoice for payment, which can be paid using either credit card or bank transfer, whichever suits you best. Once the artwork is confirmed and the payment has been processed, we will send your order to manufacturing which can take between 10-12 days to complete.

Once we receive your order from the manufacturing plant, we will dispatch it to you straight away. It couldn’t be easier.

Want to contact us?

If you want to contact us about placing an order or would like some more information on what it is we do, you can call us on 03 9558 8007 to speak to a member of the team.

Alternatively, you can drop us an email at [email protected] or visit our Facebook page.

We look forward to providing you with the highest quality and most affordable wristbands in Australia.

Wristband Monkey is Australia's best wristband supplier. We specialise in custom printed wristbands with a message, coloured wristbands and festival, party & event wristbands. Order yours today! - Read Less

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  • Very happy with the product! Will be awesome for our gym members to receive on the day of our big BODYATTACK 100 launch!

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    Michael Chidley

    March 13 at 11:20am
    5 star
  • Excellent service and product, delivered on time to a tight deadline, would recommend and use Wristband Monkey again.

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    Nikki Ballagh

    March 13 at 6:20am
    5 star
  • Ordered some wristbands over the Christmas break and Wristband monkey were able to deliver on time as promised! Amazing quality, exact colour matches and great fit. would highly recommend to anyone shopping for wristbands!

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    Juliette Tran

    January 20 at 10:05am
    5 star
  • I recently needed 500 printed wrist bands - urgently of course - and Udi and Wristband Monkey were outstanding in getting these to me before my deadline.
    Udi was very professional, attentive and pleasant to deal with.

    Udi and Wristband Monkey are 5 star!
    Highly recommended.

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    Kylie B

    November 6 at 6:20am
    5 star
  • Great company that did their best to accommodate my needs. Will definitely use them again.

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    Lucy Kennedy

    November 2 at 5:16am
    5 star
  • Thank you Udi for following this order through. Very happy with the wristbands for our Pre-prep Kindy children.

    Author image

    Sandra Ferguson

    October 12 at 5:11am
    5 star
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Why Wristband MonkeyTM ?

Gentle on Your Skin Our bands are tested on every skin type.

Print Doesn’t Fade Away The special ink we use stays on your band for longer. It is also water proof.

Made Out of Silicone Rubber We use the same rubber as what is used for creating baby pacifiers.

Lowest Prices, Highest Quality We have the lowest prices and highest quality.

7 Day Delivery* * We have a 7 day express program for $149. Let us know if you need the order on express.

Free Shipping Australia Wide The special ink stays on your band for longer.

Custom designed for your needs You have the freedom to select any band colour and text colour and also include your logo

Free Band Artwork We use the same rubber used for creating baby nipples.

217 amazing fonts to choose from or BYO

200 unique
fonts to
choose from

Digital Band Artwork

Band Artwork

Shipping Australia Wide

Australia Wide


High quality Silicone Wrist Bands.
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At Wristband Monkey™ our mission is to design and manufacture best quality Rubber Wristbands for Fundraising and Business events while keeping the costs down.

To date we have successfully completed 1200 Custom Wristband projects in Australia alone. And the best part is up to now we have maintained a customer happiness level of 99.995% (See Wristband Monkey Reviews). What happened to the other 0.005% you ask? Well we have had issues with 6 orders to date. 3 orders being delayed because we forgot to sign the "Aviation security declaration" section (Bad bad Australia post) and 3 being a little off with the colour the client was expecting. (But we re-did the order with the right colour). That's it, just 6 orders out of 1200 orders and we are pretty happy with that number. + Read More

High quality Silicone Wrist Bands

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